Corey Wilson

Aston Martin
A New Dimension

An intrinsic talent and eye for composition landed Corey Wilson his first dream job as staff photographer for Surfing Magazine, but it was his dazzling personality and work ethic that took him from rookie to bona-fide superstar.

Overdelivering on every assignment. Showing up early and staying late. The kid worked. But if you happened to be in Corey’s midst during this time — whether as his subject, colleague, or boss — you understood that it never felt like work.

For the next several years, Corey lived his dream, traveling the globe with the world’s best surfers, shooting global ad campaigns, editorials, and landing more than 40 magazine covers. In parallel, he began collaborating with contemporary brands like Rip Curl, corkcicle, and Incase, his images always revealing something special and deeply human among everyday circumstances.

While Corey will always enjoy swimming out into the world’s most dangerous surf to shoot the heroes that became friends, he’s since decided to turn his lens to commercial and fashion photography. Already Corey has worked with clients like Mercedes-Benz, Aston Martin, Apple, and Ralph Lauren, plus cover shots of UFC world champions and Grammy Award-winning musical artists.

Now Corey is chasing a different kind of wave, having successfully taken his talents to work in new arenas. Of course, it still doesn’t feel like work.