Our boutique studio caters to all TV, Film, and Commercial productions as well as Music videos, Special Events and Live Entertainment. With 76k square feet of stage space and over 40k square feet of Executive Offices, Bullpens, and Support Space, we are a prime location for all types of long-form and short-form content.  

Each of our stages is audience rated, features a silent HVAC system, and includes onsite truck parking. Our Production Offices are fully equipped with lot wide Wi-Fi & Fiber that interconnect to all buildings on the studio lot. Our historic Bungalows offer a great alternative for executives or talent and include a fully remodeled private bathroom with shower and VIP parking access. Nighttime janitorial, recycling, and 24-hour security are included as well as additional covid-19 safety measures in common areas.

Supported by an unparalleled global strategic partnership and vendor network (sound music, equipment and post-production services), RYB and RED Studios Hollywood look forward to helping you have a wonderful and seamless experience.

•76K sq. ft. of stage space
•Flexible kitchen or dining space
•Mobile coffee cart
•6 parking lots within a 2-minute walking distance
•On-site truck parking
•Complimentary Wi-Fi and in-house streaming structure for executives off lot Historic bungalows with full bathrooms and showers
•Remodeled hair and makeup rooms with full bathrooms and private access for VIP clientele
•40k sq. ft. of executive offices and bullpens with top speed internet for streaming capabilities within the lot and off campus  
•Onsite lighting & grip department with access to production supplies.
•Personalized experiences for each project 24-hour top of the line security
•Privacy for Hollywood elite

A creative playground for artists and brands that decided good wasn't good enough.