Turner Sports airs ‘The Pathway’, a two-part feature on G Leauge

Turner Sports aired The Pathway, a two-part feature about prospects from G League Ignite.

Kenny Smith serves as the host and an executive producer of The Pathway, which is directed by James D. Stern with cinematography from Kevin Ford.

The Pathway chronicles each player’s dream of reaching the NBA, documenting the extraordinary sacrifices they and their families make, along with the hard work they put in and immense pressure they face to beat the incredible odds and succeed: Kuminga moved from the Congo when he was just 14 years old; Green, the former No. 1 high school player in the nation from Fresno, California, has been in the headlines since 7th grade; and top high school recruits, Todd and Nix, de-committed from storied NCAA programs to join G League Ignite.Questions abound as they vie to become the next NBA great who skipped college to reach NBA glory.

The road is not easy, from competing against older, stronger, more experienced professional NBA players and other talented prospects to impress NBA scouts and General Managers during the NBA Draft Combine, to the anxiety of Draft Night and the added pressure of shining in the NBA Summer League, fans witness what it takes for four young ballers to make their wildest dream of playing in the NBA a reality.‍

July 16, 2022
Posted by
Jeremie Guiraud