Gui Borchert

The Ditch

Gui Borchert is an award-winning creative director turned writer and director.

A firm believer that great work comes from an explosive combination of problem solving, trusting your guts, collective courage and crafting the hell out of things, his directing work is as diverse as he is. He grew up in Rio de Janeiro, grew up some more in New York City and spent a couple of years in London before making Los Angeles his home.

As a director, Gui has shot for Squarespace, Puma, Google, Starbucks, Sonos, Pinterest and Footlocker, just to name a few. Some of the exciting names Gui has gotten to work with as a director include legendary music producer Rick Rubin, Emmy-nominated actor and fine-artist Joseph Lee, tennis legend John McEnroe, soccer legend Samuel Eto’o and the entire Ivory Coast national football team. Not to mention the time he turned the CBS logo into a pair of eyes for the Super Bowl.

Gui was on Print Mag’s 20 under 30, AdAge’s 40 under 40 and is yet to enter any 50 under 50 competitions. Gui is also a published author of one of the coolest and most useless books ever.

Least importantly, Gui has voiced a crackhead in GTA IV and once ran from LA to Vegas by foot. Gui doesn't have any cavities. He doesn't have a middle name either. And even though his name sounds totally French, Gui is actually Brazilian.